About Us

Belair Health Club was started in October 1983, to promote weight training as a means to achieving a healthy and strong physique. In the first fifteen years since its inception, no fee was levied from the members, as the idea was to bring in as many youngsters as possible into this field. In India, in the early eighties, weight training had not the glitz and glory that was provided to it by the likes of movie stars. Women considered this sport as something that would turn them into muscle monsters. Though weight training had become much popular in the west, thanks to all time greats like Arnold Shwarzenneger, we never really gave weight training the credit that was due to it. My brother Vimal Kumar, who was twice national Shuttle Badminton champion, winner of French Open and Swedish Open Championships recalls the early days of his training when his coach would ask him to stay clear of weight training as it would make his muscles and joints too stiff and lose flexibility. Gymnasts wouldn’t look in that direction for fear of getting bigger and muscle bound. It is heartening to see that those false notions have lifted their veil of ignorance, allowing access to a whole world of scientifically designed weight training methods. Now weight training has become part and parcel of any exercise routine for those athletes and sportsmen all over the country, who aspire to reach higher levels of success and glory. Science has proved beyond a shadow of doubt that weight training is indeed the best exercise method for women.

But, sadly enough, the popularity of weight training has also brought with it the use of chemicals and other supplements which have the backing of pseudo-scientific explanation and that which has far reaching ramifications than what meets the eye. The use anabolic steroids and other drugs have become so rampant that this has come to be the wont of all in the iron game. Belair, in tandem with a few other gymnasiums, who share the view that steroids and such other chemicals are the bane of this great sport, have stepped up efforts to curb the abuse of these chemicals, by educating the members of the gymnasiums , organizing seminars, writing in health magazines and everything possible to reverse this unhealthy trend. Belair Health Club is forever committed to bringing out and offering the best of weight training to all afficionados of this great sport.

I dedicate this web site to my father and mother, the best ever gift God has given me.