April 1, 2014

thigsAsk anyone which exercise builds the thighs muscles best and they will tell you it is the squat.  Yes, squats are called the ‘Daddy of all exercises”.  Not only do the squats build the thighs, butt and lower back, but also a great way of staying in shape as well as it burns up a lot of energy and keeps your metabolism revved up.  But then, when it comes to building just the thighs, butt and nothing more, there may be other exercises which equal the squat in good measure and yes, some are much safer too.  Lunges is one such exercise that builds the thighs and butt, but does not, in any way, bring with it any injuries that can happen to someone who does heavy squats.

It is very easy to learn the movement and posture associated with lunges and even a beginner can try it out, only he would suffer from so much muscle pain from the stress induced by lunges.  Yes, lunges is not for the weak hearted. It can burn the thighs and glutes to such an extent that it would be a while before you can start to walk normally.

Lunges is as good as squats when it comes to building glutes and quads. Try this different method of doing lunges.
Regular lunges requires that you move forward, stressing each leg that is stretched forward. But in this version, you don’t move forward at all.
Look at the two small photos at the top. This is the position you adopt when you start out. You may hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand or use a barbell on your shoulder, as you would squats.

Place the front leg in such a way that the entire body weight comes to it and the leg behind only acts to keep your balance. Keep the front leg slightly bend and this is the starting position.

Now, slowly lower the body, still concentrating all the weight on the front leg, until the knee of the leg behind just about touches the floor.

Do not let the knee rest on the floor as this would take the load of the front leg.

Push yourself up to starting position.


I strongly advise that you put in about six months of regular weight training behind you before attempting to do lunges. It is not because the exercise can bring about some injury or the other, but it is so tough that only an experienced bodybuilder can work out through the pain induced during the exercise and avail the most out of this exercise.

Muscle size building is not about doing some exercises right and diligently, but about proper eating habits as well. I give below a nutritional chart which you can try out for best effect, with your exercise routine.  Many believe that doing more and more exercise builds more muscle size and over train themselves to exhaustion and injury.  Your muscles do not work that way at all.  Muscles require exercise, proper nutrition and above all rest to recuperate so that it can bounce back with renewed vigour from a heavy workout.

Here is a diet chart you could try out to gain muscle size:



Drink one glass of water every hour. This is very important.  Your muscles are 65% water, by weight and not drinking enough will only make them weak.  Keep a bottle of water near your bed, the TV, office table, in your vehicle and wherever you are likely to spend more than one hour.  Drinking lots of water at one go is a pointless affair because, the body can absorb only so little, any given time

What you eat before the workout is more important than after the workout, because this is the food that decides what level of energy your body will have.

Start your day with 3 glasses of water. Fifteen minutes later, drink half glass of milk with a banana.

Breakfast – Cook rice [about three cups], leave the rice in a bowl of water overnight and add bengal gram or green gram [boiled], 1 glass of curd, two full eggs for breakfast

Noon – 3 egg whites, 2 slices of wheat bread, half glass of milk

Lunch – 3-4 cups of rice or 4-5 roti or bread, 150 g chicken breast or 4-5 big pieces of fish, veg salad, 1 glass of yogurt or curd

Early evening – handful of dates, handful of peanuts or almonds or groundnuts, half glass milk, 2 banana

Late evening – 3-4 slices of wheat bread, cheese or peanut butter, 3 egg whites

Dinner – 3 cups of rice, 5-6 pieces of fish, veg salad, 1 cup of sprouts, 1 glass of curd.

Make sure you workout only two hours after a meal. Eat a banana, a few dates, and 2 egg whites immediately after the workout and eat any of the regular meals before one hour is up


The exercise routine also should be designed to suit your body type and do not copy a champion bodybuilder’s workout log book.  You find that only through trial and error, which is why your experience counts a lot when it comes to scheduling your work out right.  It takes a few years to build a champion physique and you may fail many a times before you reach the top as a successful bodybuilder. Always remember that anyone with the right attitude can be a champion and the only difference between the successful and the failure is a bunch of silly excuses.


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